OSPFv3 – LSA Type

  • U- indicates how a router should handle unknown LSA. 
  • 0= treat the LSA as if it had link-local flooding scope
  • 1= Store and flood the LSA
  • S2 and S1- indicate flooding scope of the LSA
S2  S1  Description
 0  0  Link-local flooding
 0  1  Area scope flooding
 1  0  AS scope flooding
 1  1  Reserved

LSA Function Code defines LSA’s specific functionality.

 LSA Function Code  LS Type
 1  0x2001  Router LSA
 2  0x2002  Network LSA
 3  0x2003  Inter-Area Prefix LSA
 4  0x2004  Inter-Area Router LSA
 5  0x4005  AS-external LSA
 6  0x2006  Group Membership LSA
 7  0x2007  Type-7 (NSSA) LSA
 8  0x0008  Link LSA
 9  0x2009  Intra-Area Prefix LSA
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